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Belgian VAT Desk has a consulting department. Philippe Noirhomme is the engagement partner of this services line.  Should any question relating to VAT arise, you can contact him directly at the following address: [email protected] or at the following phone number: 02/351.26.00.

VAT is a daily challenge for businesses

Companies face a multitude of complex tax legislation matters, on a daily basis, as a result of their internationalized activities. The VAT rules, that consist of different layers (e.g. European Directives and Regulations, local VAT law, national and European case-law, administrative guidelines and notices, parliamentary questions, local practice,), do not deviate from the pattern .

An efficient VAT management leads to substantial financial benefits. On the contrary, a misunderstanding of the rules can turn out to be financially detrimental. The pitfalls in this area are pretty abundant and fines (e.g. double taxation, administrative penalties, late payment interest) prove to be high, even if the taxpayer acts bona fide.

VAT Consulting: a clear and accurate answer to all your questions regarding VAT

Thanks to its experience, our firm provides legal advice on all VAT related matters, both nationally and internationally. We are constantly looking for optimal solutions for our clients by systematically studying the whole matter  (our digital library consists of more than 20.000 documents). Our know-how enables us to exploit such “raw material” in order to properly and accurately deal with the thorniest VAT issues you ask us.

Our reports and advices are drafted to communicate a clear, accurate, quick and structured response to you.The information is summarised enhancing readability and intelligibility of our deliverables, including schemes and spreadsheets,which places you in the best position to take the necessary informed decisions  concerning your business.

Furthermore we prize and focus on an immediate application of workable solutions to our clients’ queries.

VAT Consulting: our offer of services

  • Analysis and advice on all VAT questions and issues related to your economic activity (eg. international trade, real estate, right of deduction);
  • Analysis of the VAT status of your company and optimisation of the right of deduction for mixed/partial taxable persons including, but not limited to, non-profit organisations and public bodies;
  • VAT Scan involving the detection of any risk exposures, errors, mismatching, inconsistencies or omissions in terms of VAT with the goal of preparing or anticipating VAT audit of Tax Authorities;
  • VAT due diligence in case of transfer of going-concern (e.g. merger, acquisition, split, disposal of business segment );
  • Design and implementation of VAT Unity and similar mechanism;
  • Negotiation and application – for advanced rulings with the Tax Authorities;

VAT Consulting: Our added value

  • Over 15 years of VAT expertise and knowledge;
  • A tried-and-tested methodology and a know-how;
  • A customized follow-up of all your cases;
  • Development of a long-term professional relationship with our clients based on mutual trust.